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Monochrome Laser Printer Features

Monochrome laser printers are less expensive.

You save money when you use it. The printing result is clear and distinctive. This unit is useful for personal use. There is a printer unit with a multifunction. You can find many printers that have been refurbished. Read this article to help you choose your printer.

Monochrome laser printers are best, if your printing needs don’t involve color. Monochrome printers offer sharper and cleaner prints. In addition, monochrome laser multifunction printers are faster and more cost effective to operate compared to inkjets.

Compared to color printers, the basic mechanics of a monochrome printer are simpler, because the latter uses a single laser. This printer uses a single laser pass across photosensitive receptors.

The printer takes a digital document, makes one over the surface, and creates a rasterized version of the content. A single laser makes charging the photoreceptive drum rotate. This drum transfers the load to the output page.

As this happens, it causes the fine, granular powder of black pigment and plastic to stick to their respective surfaces. The loaded page then passes through a specific fuser which melts the plastic in the toner, which causes it to stick to the page to create the final printed image.

The quality of a monochrome laser printer varies according to the manufacturer. Laser printer reviews definitely help in determining the best monochrome laser multifunction printer.

According to laser printer reviews published by PC magazine, the B4100 can print impressive text with neat and sharp outlines. However, the toner appears grayer than black, which robs text characters of their full impact. The best is personal use.

The HL-2170W monochromatic sibling is cost-effective when it comes to consumables like toner cartridges, according to PC magazine. It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi network connectivity.

The Brother HL-5280DW Printer is the best for small office laser printing needs. It has a built-in Wi-Fi network and an LCD panel. Print quality is good and fast. It’s also durable.

On the negative side, this monochrome laser printer model is neither suitable for heavy office use nor good for duplex printing. It doesn’t produce good photo quality.

Samsung laser printers are also competitive.

The Samsung ML-2851ND is the ultimate monochrome printer for small offices. It is considered to have excellent print quality. It is also known for good paper handling and speed. Apart from being small and light, it’s also light on your pocket due to its low cost per page.

The disadvantages include expensive, uneconomical for occasional use and mediocre graphic quality. Even the photos are not impressive.

The Samsung SCX-4500 is a fast printer.

It has a built-in scanner, and is user friendly. The scanning options are flexible. The advantages include no output tray, gray print, and low-quality print at finer point sizes.

This HP manufacturer is also known to be able to produce good monochrome laser printers. The Hp P3015d laser jet is a fast printer suitable for office use. It also has good graphics speed. On the negative side, it doesn’t have an Ethernet port. The resulting photo is gray. On top of that, this model is quite expensive to operate.

Lastly, the HP LaserJet P2055x monochrome laser printer is built for speed and volume. It is very fast and has an automatic duplexer. Paper capacity is higher than standard. However, the toner is quite expensive and the graphic quality looks rough.