How to make generic ink cartridges work on an HP printer

Oops! Oops! Your HP printer doesn’t recognize your ink cartridge. The “Unrecognized Cartridge” or “Incompatible ink Cartridge” error message on the HP Photo Smart C4640 printer and all other Photosmart and Deskjet printers is relatively standard. These error messages can appear after the printer is inactive for a long time or during refilling or replacing HP 60XL or HP 60 ink cartridges. This article will help you resolve problems with generic ink cartridges that don’t work on an HP printer.

Phase 1 – Remove and reinstall the HP 60XL ink cartridge

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. To access the HP60XL ink cartridges, open the HP PhotoSmart C4640’s front cover.
  3. All ink cartridges must be removed.
  4. Use a non-fibrous paper towel to clean electrical contacts.
  5. Place the ink cartridges back in their original places.
  6. Close the front cover of your inkjet printer.
  7. After a time, turn off your printer and turn it on again.
  8. Follow the instructions of your printer to print a test page.

Please continue to Phase 2 if you still receive the ” Unrecognized Cartridge ” or ” Incompatible ink Cartridge ” error.

Phase 2 – Clean Electronic Contacts on HP 60XL Ink Cartridge

  1. Keep the printer on.
  2. To access the ink cartridges, open the front cover. All HP 60XL cartridges must be removed from the carriage.
  3. To clean the contacts of the printer cartridge, use a dry and clean cloth that is lint-free. You may also need to clean the connections within the printer.
  4. Install the HP60XL ink cartridges again and close the HP PhotoSmart C4640 front cover.
  5. Do a nozzle test and then print a test sheet. Phase 2 should suffice to eliminate the ” Unrecognized Cartridge error.

These procedures can also resolve ” Unrecognized Cartridge” or “I Incompatible Ink Cartridge” issues on all HP Photosmart and Deskjet printers. The above guidelines are intended to fix the problems regarding generic ink cartridges not working on HP printers.