How To Set Up My 123 HP Envy4520 Printer

The 123 HP ENVY 4520 printer is a multifunction printer that thrills you with its execution and multitasking capacity. This printer also has an Energy Star rating which saves your power. Print, scan, and copy options including adjusting contrast; The brightness and rotation in the review can be controlled easily using the control board as part of the printer’s CGD creep 2.65 screen

The HP Envy printer line has gone through a transition over the years, from somewhat high-end (price-wise) and elegant, if not all that practical. Over the last few years, however, Envy printers have evolved into sensible entry-level and midrange all-in-one (AIO) machines designed for home and small offices, as illustrated by my recent review of Printer e-All. -in-One Envy 4520.

Today, however, we take a look at the flagship Envy printer, the $ 199.99 Envy e-All-in-One Printer, which, by the way, I found for as low as $ 124.99 when writing this review.

However, of the entire Envy line, this one is the most fully featured. However, also like the rest of the AIO Envy, without the HP value-added Instant Ink program, which we’ll see in a minute, is too expensive to use.

Design and Features

Of all the Envy printers I’ve seen, this is the only one with an automatic document feeder (25 pages), or ADF, to feed multi-page documents to the scanner, but sadly, it’s not an automatic duplex ADF; cannot scan both sides of a multisided (or other) page without user intervention.

When Envy printers went, this one was sure to sport the most features, starting with its support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity. At 7.6 inches tall, by 17.9 inches across, with 19.8 inches from front to back, and weighing just 17 pounds, it’s light and compact, taking up very little space on your desktop.

Using the 3.5-inch color touch screen, you can perform some walk-up, or PC-free tasks, such as copying, faxing, or printing from and scanning to an SD Card or USB thumb drive.

Then, too, there are the HP printer apps, for access to redundant content on hundreds of sites on the internet. In addition, this Envy supports mobile device connectivity through various cloud sites, including Google Cloud Print. Apple’s AirPrint is also supported.

Performance, Print Quality, and Paper Handling

In the scheme of things, this Envy is, like its siblings, slow – well under 3 pages per minute on most of the tests I’ve seen. But since this is a relatively low volume machine, it really doesn’t need to be fast. For print quality, text looks great, as do business graphics, but this HP inkjet does as well with photos as most of the others I’ve seen. If you are looking for a photo printer, I suggest you take a look at .com’s list of photo printers.

The Envy 7640 comes with a 125-sheet paper cassette and a 15-sheet photo paper tray inside. The printed page launches the front of the machine, onto the cover of the paper drawer, which seconds as the output tray.

Cost Per Page

Before HP’s current Instant Ink offering, with its three tier program, this printer’s cost per page (CPP) would discourage me from recommending it. However, with Instant Ink, you can get 300 to say 350 pages each month for a fee of $ 10 to $ 10.50. (After the initial 300 pages, you can buy more for 25 pages for $ 1.) And we’re talking full-color pages, even photos, all for a CPP of around 3.3 cents. Plus, you get a discount for paying annually, and unused pages scroll from month to month. Instant ink and its current configuration greatly increase the value of this AIO.

(If you think that 300 pages a month isn’t enough, this probably isn’t the right printer for you.)